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What a month for the Bobcats! They have hardly had time to catch their breath after winning the contest at the Locarno Ballroom in Birmingham .

They hit the headlines when they signed a contract with Carlton Johns Entertainments, guaranteeing them £20,000 in the next 12 months. Days later they were in Pye recording studios making their first disk.

Exciting developments indeed for four boys whose average age is only 14!

Second in the Locarno contest, organised in conjunction with Jones and Crossland were the Elegant Set, with the Seen taking the third place.

The other worthy finalists were the Cast, Virus and the What-Nots

The judges were Mr.John Jones (Jones and Crossland), Dennis Detheridge (Editor of” Midland Beat”), and Arthur Smith (of A.D.S.E.L.). Billy Walker ((Locarno resident band leader) and Pete Gittins of Barr Enterprises

The Bobcats with there trophy and a mascot after carrying off the first prize in the Locarno contest – the second big contest they have won this year