Terence Heeks



While working as a fireman at Monument Lane Shed 3E he later passed as a driver and transfered to Saltley 21A

Many Thanks to Terence for sharing these Rare Photographs



                    46159 The Royal Air Force at 3E                          46159 Monument lane                                  45672 Anson Monument Lane    


                  44506 damage front end 3E                           46159 and 45243 Monument Lane                       58271 Monument Lane 3E


                               58271Monument Lane 3E                                Ready to work a SLS Special                           40108 At 3E Monument Lane        


  45243 Monument Lane                                            Monument Lane                                    45672  Anson Monument Lane   


45672 Monument Lane Tunnel   45674 passies Monument lane Shed on the 9.15 to Liverpool Train

     Monument Lane Shed 3E                                 Ash Pit Monument Lane                                 80082   Monument Lane 
 45308 Under Coaling Stage 3E                               44873 at the ash pit 3E                                   45343 Monument Lane 3E   


                 8F Passing Albian Sidings Oldbury                       Albian Sidings between Oldbury and Dudley Port                              10201 Birmingham New Street


                            92022 at Wellingborough 15A                                                 42419 At Birmingham New Street                                             46232 Duchess Of Montrose At Glasgow


       14xx 5804 At Kemble                                                           46437 At Newton Heath 26A                                                                76007 On Salisbury 72B


27007 At Redditch                                                          D204 At Norwich


            D200 at Norwich                                                                              D5227 At Aberdeen             

D5504 At Sheffield


                 AWS on 45308                                               58271 all cleaned ready to go SLS Special

 Terence Heeks

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